Put It in the Bin

29 July '19
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Littering in public areas including Luas and Luas infrastructure not only impacts the environment but also affects others around you. There is no excuse for littering on Luas and Luas infrastructure. Cigarette butts, food, chewing gum and wrappers – all are unsightly and contribute to making other passengers’ journeys less comfortable.

We commit to keeping Luas trams and infrastructure clean, and we will always act quickly to remove litter. Regular clean-ups take place on Luas platforms and across our infrastructure each day. Beyond regular platform and tram maintenance, litter removal and cleaning is done as and when a problem is identified.

Luas tries to prevent litter and to keep trams and platforms clean as much as possible but we need the cooperation of all passengers travelling with us to help keep Luas clean for all.

Luas reminds all passengers to please respect and have consideration for Luas and other people. Littering is trashy – put it in the bin! It is unsightly, smelly, and unhygienic – would you like to sit on a seat someone had left their litter on? 

Tips to Help Prevent Litter:

  1. Never litter. It’s that simple. Bins are provided at all Luas stops - please use them and put it in the bin!
  2. Set an example to others, especially children, by not littering
  3. When travelling by Luas, remember to take out what you bring in. Keep litter and recyclables in a bag or backpack until you can put them in a bin.
  4. If you are a smoker, carry and use a portable or pocket ashtray or dispose of your cigarette butt in an appropriate ash receptacle – provided at all Luas stops. They do not simply disappear by throwing them on the ground.
  5. Small children can pick it up, animals can ingest it, and someone has to clean it up after you, so tell those you know, especially children, about the importance of not littering and remind them of the environmental consequences.
  6. Report areas on Luas trams or infrastructure where people have illegally put rubbish and debris to our Luas Customer Care Team by calling LoCall 1850 300 604, emailing info@luas.ie, or tweeting @Luas. To report litter elsewhere, contact your local council

We at Luas are always looking for ways to improve. Help us do this by taking our survey and providing Luas with feedback regarding your experiences with litter on Luas services. Survey can be found here

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