Think of Others – Never Vandalise

01 July '22
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Aside from looking bad, vandalism can directly affect people with disabilities, visual impairments or reduced mobility, older people, and people travelling with young children.

We receive complaints from distressed passengers – people travelling with young children in buggies, people with crutches or in wheelchairs – who cannot access or encounter difficulty using our services due to the thoughtless actions of a small number of people.

Even stop posters or signage being defaced, graffitied, torn, or ripped down can have a serious impact on those of us who may be more sensitive to things being out of place, or who are unable to search for the information online. Not everyone is able to use a smartphone to check whether there have been changes to service.

People having to carry buggies down flights of stairs, students almost missing an exam because the Ticket Machines or Leap card Validators have been smashed, passengers becoming distressed due to being unable to read changes to service because someone thought it was a good idea to tear posters down… would you want this to happen to someone you know?

This is why we are asking you to think of others and think of the potential consequences for others if you vandalise Luas trams or platforms. Our passengers and their safety are our biggest priority. We do everything we can to ensure everyone has a safe and comfortable journey, the least we can all do is not make things more difficult for others.

We’d like to remind you that you can help put a stop to Luas vandalism. If you see these random acts of vandalism, do not let the culprits get away with it.

If you witness or know of anyone who has vandalised Luas trams, escalator or stops, please contact us. By reporting incidents, you will be helping us put a stop to vandalism and ensure that vandalism and graffiti are dealt with in a timely manner.

You can discreetly report an act of vandalism in real-time by using the Luas Security Text Service which can be done by texting the keyword “LUAS”, along with your report of vandalism to 51444. T&Cs apply to the use of the text service, see for information. Alternatively, contact Luas Customer Service at:

Call: 0818 300 604


Tweet: @Luas

Facebook: @Luas

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