Vandalism – See it, Report it

10 July '19
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Nobody wants to see the Luas trams or stops vandalised; not you and not us. 

Every summer Luas sees an increase in vandalism cases; It is unfortunate to see some people finding fun in shattering shelter windows, vandalising Luas lifts needed for customers to access stops or tagging graffiti on Luas trams and platforms, all the while not understanding the consequences of their actions on others, such as Luas passengers and the residents living in the area. 

Whether it’s a tram taken out of service due to vandalism with hate speech, soilage, or a broken window, etc., under Luas protocol that tram is immediately removed from service which then creates a domino effect of service delays for Luas passengers. If a lift was vandalised or deemed unusable due to vandalism or intentional breakage, it can be difficult for the elderly, disabled and people travelling with children to reach the Luas stop. Consequences caused from the actions of vandals can vary, but the result is the same -passengers left disgruntled and Luas unable to provide the promised service to passengers. 

Vandalism and property damage are not only prohibited on Luas and Luas infrastructure by law, but both acts are also unsightly and can make passengers feel unsafe.

You, the community, are our eyes and ears. 

We’d like to remind you that you can help put a stop to Luas vandalism. If you see these random acts of vandalism, do not let the culprits get away with it. By reporting what you see, you increase the chances of Luas catching vandals. 

If you witness or know of anyone who has vandalised Luas trams, elevators or stops, please contact us. By reporting incidents, you will be helping us put a stop to vandalism and ensure that vandalism and graffiti are dealt with in a timely manner.

You can discreetly report an act of vandalism in real-time by using the Luas Text Service which can be done by texting the keyword “LUAS”, along with your report of vandalism to 51444 or contact Luas Customer Care at: 

LoCall 1850 300 604


Tweet: @Luas  

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