1. Parking Controller, Transdev, LoCall 0818 300 604.
  2. Clamping Operator, APCOA, Call 0818 432 899.
  3. 24 / 7 paid car park.
  4. Payment for parking with an incorrect vehicle registration number may result in your vehicle being clamped.
  5. Pay for parking before boarding the tram at Luas Ticket Machines, or through the APCOA Connect App.
  6. Parking spaces for Luas Customers only.
  7. It is mandatory to enter your correct vehicle registration number otherwise you may be clamped.
  8. You must produce a valid Luas Ticket, a valid Public Services Card with Free Travel, a valid Travel Pass, or validated Leap Card and Parking Ticket to the Clamping Operator if requested before exiting the Luas car park otherwise you will be subject to a non-Luas customer fee of €45.00.
  9. Payment for parking does not guarantee a parking space.
  10. Park in numbered marked bays only. Disabled parking bays are reserved for holders of a valid disabled person's parking permit/ card.
  11. Holders of a valid disabled person's parking permit/ card can park in disabled parking bays free of charge. A valid disabled person's parking permit/ card must be clearly displayed in your vehicle at all times.
  12. Clamping and relocation are in operation in line with Section 7 of the Luas Bye-laws and the Vehicle Clamping Act.
  13. Clamping fees are payable if your vehicle is clamped. Relocation fees and vehicle storage fees may be payable should your vehicle be removed, see www.luas.ie/car-parking/ for details.
  14. Parking in Luas Park & Ride car parks is subject to Luas Bye-laws and these Luas Car Park Terms & Conditions.
  15. If you do not accept these Luas Car Park Terms & Conditions and Luas Bye-laws applicable to Luas Park & Ride car parks, you may leave immediately without incurring a charge.
  16. Users of Luas Park & Ride car parks do so entirely at their own risk. No liability will be accepted by Transport Infrastructure Ireland, the Luas Operator, or the Car Park Operator for any loss or damage howsoever caused.
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