Paying Your Way is Easy on Luas

17 June '22
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In accordance with Luas Byelaws all passengers must have a valid Luas ticket when travelling on Luas. TFI Leap Cards (including standard TFI Leap Cards, Student TFI Leap Cards, and TFI Leap Cards loaded with Taxsaver Tickets), Luas paper tickets, and Public Services Cards with Free Travel are all valid tickets – provided they are being used correctly.

Fortunately, paying your way when travelling on Luas is easy. There are several methods available for paying for travel on Luas:

TFI Leap Card

TFI Leap Card is the integrated ticketing scheme for public transport. For TFI Leap Card to be valid for travel on Luas, sufficient pre-paid credit must be on the card to cover the cost of your journey or, if you are a Taxsaver ticket holder, your ticket must be valid for the date you are travelling. No matter what type of TFI Leap Card you have, you must Touch On using a Validator on a Luas Platform before getting on Luas to ensure that you have a valid ticket for travel. When you get off Luas, you must Touch Off your TFI Leap Card using a Luas Validator on a Luas Platform.

If you are availing of the TFI Leap Card 90 Minute Fare and you have travelled on another form of transport before getting on Luas, you must always Touch On using a Luas Validator on a Luas Platform before getting on Luas. If you do not do this and Luas Revenue Protection staff check your TFI Leap Card, you will not have a valid ticket for travel and you will be issued a Standard Fare Notice (SFN) for €100.

You can Top-Up your Leap Card using the Leap Top-Up App, available from the Apple App or Google Play Stores, or at any Luas Ticket Machine.

Luas Ticket Machines

Luas Ticket Machines are located at all Luas Stops on every Luas Platform. Paper tickets can be purchased with:

  • Cash (€50 notes not accepted for transactions under €30)
  • Credit or debit card. Contactless Payment is available on all Ticket Machines. No minimum spend required.
  • Apple Pay / Google Pay.

Your paper ticket must be valid for all Luas zones you are travelling in, and be the correct type for you (Adult, Student, or Child).

For a full list of ticket options and fares visit

Luas Ticket Machines can also be used to Top-Up Leap Cards. For detailed info on Topping-Up your Leap Card visit

Public Services Card with Free Travel

If you have a Public Services Card with Free Travel, you do not need to purchase a ticket for your Luas trip; however, you must touch your card against a Luas Validator located on a Luas Platform before and after your trip. This validates your card for travel, and ensures that when Luas Revenue Protection staff check your ticket they will see that it is valid for travel. Luas Revenue Protection staff can check that your pass is valid and may seek supporting documentation and / or check with the Department of Social Protection to make sure the pass is being used by the correct person.

We remind anyone travelling on Luas that you must produce your TFI Leap Card, paper ticket, or Public Services Card with Free Travel on the tram or on a Luas Platform (when you have been seen getting off Luas) if requested to do so by Luas Revenue Protection staff, including Customer Assurance and selected Luas Security staff. If you are found to be travelling without a valid Luas ticket, valid TFI Leap Card, or valid Public Services Card with Free Travel, you will be issued an SFN for €100. If you pay your SFN within 14 days, a reduced rate of €45 applies.

Paying your way is easy: avoid receiving an SFN for €100 by ensuring you always have a valid Luas ticket. For a full list of Luas fares and to see what ticket option works best for you  p your Leap Card visit urney and rds.

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