Vast Majority of Passengers Pay

10 March '23
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The vast majority of Luas passengers pay the fare – this is over 95% of passengers who travel on Luas.

We remind all who travel with us that a valid Luas ticket is required for travel, in accordance with the Luas Bye-laws.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a valid ticket BEFORE boarding a tram, and that you produce it when asked to do by an authorised member of Luas staff. 

A ticket is invalid for the following reasons: 

  1. You have not paid the correct TFI Leap Card / Cash fare.
  2. You have not Touched On your TFI Leap Card at a Luas Validator on a Luas platform before getting on Luas.
  3. Your ticket is out of date, has expired, or you are travelling beyond the validity of your ticket (e.g. travelling beyond the zone your ticket is valid to).
  4. You do not have the required Public Services Card with Free Travel pass issued by the Department of Social Protection.
  5. You are using another person’s Personalised TFI Leap Card.
  6. You do not have a valid Student TFI Leap Card.
  7. You are an adult travelling on a child’s ticket. 
  8. You are not carrying the required supporting documentation required for the ticket that you are using to travel. 

You can be asked to show your ticket by Luas Customer Agents or selected Luas Security staff at any time on Luas, or if you have been seen getting off a tram on a Luas platform. If you are caught using Luas without a valid ticket, you will be issued a Standard Fare Notice for €100; however, if you pay the penalty within 14 days, a discounted penalty of €45 applies. 

Making sure you have a valid ticket for travel on Luas is simple. Remember to buy a ticket or validate your TFI Leap Card or Public Services Card with Free Travel before getting on a tram. Doing so will save you the inconvenience of a disrupted journey and receiving a Standard Fare Penalty of €100. 

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