Cycle + Ride (C+R) is when you cycle to a Luas stop, park you bike at one of the free Luas Cycle Racks provided and use Luas to complete your journey. Then on the way home you take Luas back to your stop and hop on your bike.

Free Luas Cycle Racks are racks that you can lock your bike too located beside or close to more than two thirds of Luas stops. Luas currently has 320 free Luas Cycle Racks, each accommodating 2 bikes, spread across both Luas lines. That is 270 bike parking spaces on the Luas Red Line and 370 on the Luas Green Line.

Throughout 2011 and 2012 the Railway Procurement Agency, funded by the National Transport Authority, are improving Luas Cycle + Ride facilities.

We are in the process of planning and installing 47 additional bike racks (that's 94 new spaces) at stops on the Luas Red and Green Lines.


New Luas Red Line Bike Racks


New Luas Green Line Bike Racks

First Luas Dedicated Cycle + Ride Facility

The first Luas dedicated Cycle + Ride facility has opened at Dundrum Stop. This facility has bike parking spaces for 52 bikes. Spaces are a combination of 10 bike lockers (1 bike each) on a trial basis and 21 bike racks. This facility has a weather shelter and is open 24/7. For more information about the Bike Lockers click here.

If this facility is popular with customers we will look at rolling out similar facilities where we have space across the Luas lines.

Luas & More / Safer Cycle Routes

Improvements in on and off street cycle lanes is mostly outside Luas control; it is the responsibility of the various local authorities. However we work closely with them on any improvements of cycling access to Luas stops and we are in talks with the local authorities about improved cycling access to Luas stops.

You can help; send your ideas and suggestion to the Cycling Officer in your local authority at one of the addresses below;

You Can Help!

Email us a picture and some info at We'll investigate your suggestion and let you know how we get on.

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