Today, all of us are facing a new big challenge: how to live in a way that doesn’t damage the Earth. Energy is the resource we use to move, to create and to live. Most energy we are using is coming from coal, oil and gas. But the use of such resources has a negative impact on the environment. By making the temperatures increase they are modifying the landscapes and can have dramatic effects on some animal and plant species. The time to act is now: let’s begin to take care of our planet, let’s stop wasting energy!


Did you know…

… that the waste of Luas Stops bins is recycled? So keep binning your litter: it makes Luas being cleaner and you being greener!

… that Luas represents less air pollution, less noise and less vibration from road traffic? So use Luas and let’s keep Dublin a nice and healthy place to live!

… that Luas is releasing almost 5.5 times less CO2 than doing the same trip by car? It means that by using Luas, you’re actively acting to protect the planet!

… that in the morning nearly 1 out of 5 cars on the roads are taking kids to school? Ask your parents if you could walk, cycle or take Luas to go to school!



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