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21 November '19
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Luas is proud to be part of Transport for Ireland’s support of NOW Group’s JAM Card and App. Luas joins Bus Éireann, Dublin Bus, Go-Ahead Ireland, Ianród Éireann, and Local Link as a supporter of NOW Group’s JAM Card and App.

The JAM Card can be used by people with learning or communication difficulties to ask others to give them “just a minute” extra to gather their thoughts. Whether it's difficulties with speech or needing a little extra time to search for a Luas ticket or Leap Card, the JAM Card or App is a discreet way of letting Luas staff know a little extra time is needed.

What is JAM Card? 

JAM Card was developed by participants at the NOW Group who identified that sometimes people with conditions such as autism need ‘just a minute’ in certain social situations. The JAM Card will assist customers using Luas and make their experience as stress-free as possible.

Over 25,000 people currently use the JAM Card across the UK and Ireland.

The NOW Group is a social enterprise that supports people with learning difficulties and autism into jobs with a future and their service users told them that they would like a way to relay to people that they need a little extra time or patience. The JAM Card, first created as a credit card sized card, was recently developed into an App for smartphones.

Who can use JAM Card? 

JAM Card was originally developed for those with learning disabilities and difficulties. However, it can be used by anyone with a communication barrier - for instance, people with Asperger’s or autism. Additionally, those who have a brain injury and people who otherwise feel self-conscious about their ability to effectively communicate when engaging with others can also use it.

How do I use a JAM Card? 

The card says ‘Just A Minute’ on one side, and when you order a JAM Card you choose which message you would like on the other side of your card: 

  • Please be patient...I have Autism 
  • Please be patient...I have a learning disability/difficulty 
  • Please be patient...I have a condition 

When travelling with Luas, simply show a JAM Card to any member of Luas staff you want speak with, or who speaks to you.

Using Luas and JAM Card

Luas staff including Revenue Protection Officers and Driver have recently undertaken JAM Card awareness training. This training teaches them to recognise the JAM Card as well as provide them with the information they need to ensure the JAM Card user feels welcome on board Luas. During training staff also gained valuable knowledge about different types of disabilities and learned how to engage with a customer whom may have a communication barrier.

By being able to deal confidently with all of our customers we have confidence in being able to provide an excellent level of service and care for all. 

Where can I get a JAM Card? 

There are several different ways to get a JAM Card. The card is available in either a physical copy or digital format.

JAM Cards are available for collection from the following transport hubs in Dublin:

Connolly Iarnród Éireann Station, Dublin

Pearse Iarnród Éireann Station, Dublin

Heuston Iarnród Éireann Station, Dublin

You can also request one directly from NOW Group by visiting the JAM Card website and filling out the request form.

Or if you would prefer not to use the physical card, there is a free JAM Card app available. The app allows you to choose your message option, leave reviews and find other JAM friendly businesses.

Click here for the JAM Card Android App.

Click here for the JAM Card iOS App.

You can find out more about the JAM Card at

You can find out more about the NOW Group at

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