Luas Manners Matter

18 September '19
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Have you ever been hit by someones backpack because they failed to remove it from their back? Have you ever found it hard to get on or off the tram because people won’t move down the tram and stand clear of the doors? Have you ever seen someone hogging a priority area for wheelchair / buggies, a priority seat, a family seating area or an induction loop area?

When travelling with Luas, some behaviours are not allowed in line with the Luas Bye-Laws. Other behaviours, like those mentioned above, need people to use good manners and be considerate to others while travelling with Luas. Being well-mannered means we think about other people instead of putting ourselves first. Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do – and not do – to ensure everyone's journey is a little bit more enjoyable.

  • Move down the tram

Move away from the doors and down the tram until you need to get off. This creates space for around the the doors for other passengers getting on / off the tram. This creates a bit of extra space at busy times and makes getting on / off easier all the time.

  • Take off your backpack

Take your backpack off your back and put luggage or large bags between your feet when the tram is busy. This creates a bit of extra space at busy times and stops you accidentally jostling other passengers and blocking space.

  • Keep the priority areas on trams free for those who need them

There are 4 priority areas on all trams which can be identified inside and outside the by stickers on the windows. You can sit or stand in these areas if the tram is not too busy, but keep these free for those who need them as much as possible. If you are in one of these areas and see someone who needs it or someone asks you to move, please move.  

  1. Wheelchair / Buggy Priority Areas for wheelchair users and people with buggies.
  2. Induction Loops Areas for those who use hearing aids due to hearing loss or a disability.
  3. Priority Seats for the elderly, people with a disability, people with a mobility issue, or pregnant women.
  4. Family Seating Areas for those travelling with small children.

  • Give up a seat or space to someone who needs it more

It is always better to have the gesture rejected than to not make it at all. Give up your seat to someone who needs it more than you do. This includes an older person who may have difficulty balancing on a moving tram, a parent with young children, or pregnant women. This kind gesture goes a long way to making someone’s day better.

If you use Luas regularly and notice people, being rude or showing disregard to others we want to know about it. Whether it’s not giving up seats to people who need them, not taking off bags in busy trams, being disrespectful of others, or any other behaviour that affects your experience as a valued Luas customer, we want your perspective. If you have any stories – good or bad – about your experience of Luas etiquette, please share them on twitter using the hashtag, #LuasManners. Also, please take this quick online survey here and let us know how you feel about Luas manners. 

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