Pollinator Friendly Transport Corridors

08 October '19
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Ireland is crisscrossed by a range of transport corridors including roads, train lines and including 43km of Luas tracks. These transport corridors have enormous potential for positive and sustainable interactions with the landscape.

Most pollination in Ireland are done by bees. We have 99 different types of species in Ireland; 1 honey bee, 21 bumble bee and 77 solitary bee species. Unfortunately our Irish pollinators are in serious decline. Like us they need food and safe place to live.

Working together Transport Infrastructure Ireland, Iarnród Éireann, Translink, the Department of Infrastructure Northern Ireland and the National Biodiversity Data Centre have published guidelines outlining how corridors can be managed in a pollinator-friendly way. These are part of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan delivered by the National Biodiversity Data Centre supported by over 90 organisations    

To have a healthy diet bees need to forage from a range of different flowers from March through to October. The new guidelines identify actions transport mangers can take to help pollinators such as planning pollinator friendly plants, providing nesting habitat, reducing the use of pesticides, etc.

The Pollinator Friendly management of Transport Corridors was launched on Friday 4th October. Download the Pollinator Friendly management of Transport Corridors Guidelines at https://pollinators.ie/transportcorridors/.

Find out how you can help pollinators and bees at pollinators.ie/

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