At a Luas Stop

When you are waiting for the Luas, please stand back behind the white line on the platform.


Remember, always use designated crossing points at Stops. There is never a need to run for a tram. There is always another tram just a few minutes away!


How to know when the doors are about to close?

There is a warning tone and flashing light over the doors. When this sounds it indicates that the doors are closing. Please stand clear of the doors. The doors cannot close if there is an obstacle in the way so please check your school bags or other items are not in the way of the doors.


How to contact the Luas staff?

If you have any problem during your journey or if you are witnessing an incident, do not hesitate to contact Luas staff by the emergency help points at Stops and on-board.


There is an emergency button beside the ticket machine at each Stop. Press this and talk direct to Luas Control Room. There is an emergency button beside the tram door. Press this button and talk to the driver. There is also an emergency handle beside the door, pull the handle and the tram will stop.


How to cycle safely around Luas?

If you are cycling around Luas please wear high visibility clothes. Be careful! It is forbidden to ride on the tracks. They can be slippery and dangerous during icy or rainy weather.