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09 December '21
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Do you have the Luas Security Text number saved in your phone? If not, save our Security Text number, 51444, to your phone now.

Your personal safety is a priority when you travel with Luas. Luas staff work on an ongoing basis in conjunction with the Gardaí to keep you safe while travelling with us.

Sometimes other passengers’ behaviour can be intimidating, and you need to contact us to let us know. We know sometimes when you witness anti-social behaviour, you may not want to draw attention to yourself by calling us or by pressing one of the Emergency Help Intercoms, located next to the doors on trams and beside Ticket Machines on Luas platforms. For this reason, we have a Security Text Service which allows you to discreetly report incidents of anti-social behaviour in real time.

To use this service, follow the steps outlined below to report anti-social behaviour:

  • Text the keyword ‘LUAS’ followed by the tram number where applicable and / or the location where the incident is taking place to 51444. See below for information on where you can find the tram number. You must ensure that you use the keyword ‘LUAS’ at the start of the message, or the message will not come through to us.

  • In your message, include a brief statement about what you witness, with a maximum of 155 characters. Examples of anti-social behaviour include (but are not limited to) public intoxication, disorderly conduct, vandalism, or abusive or insulting behaviour.

  • You will receive an automated message confirming that your message has been received and we will respond as appropriate.

  • Save the Security Text number, 51444, in your phone so you can discreetly report incidents of anti-social behaviour should you need it. The Security Text number is displayed throughout the tram but saving the number in your phone now will mean you won’t have to look for it should you need it in future.

  • Please note, standard text rates apply.

The tram number is a four-digit number displayed above the driver’s cab on the outside and inside the tram and above the accordion partitions on each tram (where each section of tram is joined together). This number is unique to each tram and will help us respond quicker to your report.

If your safety or the safety of other passengers is at risk, or in the case of an emergency, call the emergency services on 999 / 112. 

We hope you feel safe on all of your journeys with us.

Read more about Luas and security here




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