Pay the Fare or Pay the Price

11 March '19
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Luas would like to remind customers to pay the fare or pay the price.

In accordance with the Luas Bye-laws you must have a valid Luas ticket to use Luas

If you are caught using Luas services without a valid ticket, a Luas Ticket Inspector will issue you with a Standard Fare Notice requiring the payment of a Luas Standard Fare. The Standard Fare penalty for not having a valid ticket is €100. However, if you pay the penalty promptly within the grace period of 14 days, a discounted fee of €45 applies. 

If you do not pay a Standard Fare penalty you can be prosecuted and a court conviction can be in excess of €500. 

You must have your valid ticket on the tram and at the stop when you get off the tram. Luas Ticket Inspectors check tickets on the trams and on the stops. Luas Ticket Inspectors check tickets in uniform and in plain clothes.

We would like to remind customers that Luas works closely with An Garda Síochána in cases of public disorder and / or abuse of staff. And, that Luas trams and stops are monitored by CCTV. 

For more information about the Luas Standard Fare, see the Luas Bye-laws 

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