Respect Luas staff

11 March '19
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A new drive to crack down on verbal and racial abuse against Luas staff was launched this week that aims to remind people not to take out their frustrations on Luas staff. If you are having a bad day, there is no need to insult the Revenue Protection Officer, Security Guard or Driver!  Racial, verbal and physical abuse is not acceptable at any time.

Shouting, jeering, verbally provoking and spitting is rude. An employee is just doing their job, and customers are reminded that the person standing before them could be their dad, mum, brother, sister or friend. 

While incidents of racial and physical abuse don’t occur every day, it’s never acceptable to abuse staff and the experience can also be unpleasant for customers. 

96% of respondents were highly satisfied with Luas according to research undertaken on behalf of the National Transport Authority by Kantar Millward Brown last year. It’s up to everyone to ensure the service offered is always a safe, pleasant and enjoyable one.

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