Distraction could change your life – Stay Safe

05 November '18
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We would like to remind all of our customers and the public to stay safe around Luas trams. Luas has an excellent safety record and this years’ overall safety record is better than last years. There are more people travelling with Luas than ever before and there are less incidents with motorists than in 2017.

Yet distraction could change this. Phones, for example, distract us and near misses with pedestrians are on the rise. Pedestrian behaviour, as observed by Luas Drivers in recent years, is most interesting; earphones in, head down, and thumb firmly fixed on screen. More and more people don’t even look up, yet alone look left and right! Commuters are distracted. Walking out in front of an oncoming tram is a common experience.

Luas Drivers have an excellent safety record and are trained in defensive driving. They are trained to anticipate this type of behaviour. On most occasions the driver applies the emergency brake, the tram stops and the distracted pedestrian, shocked at the near miss with a tram, hurries away. But on occasion it is more serious, and a pedestrian is taken to hospital with a serious injury.

And it’s not just pedestrians. Motorists too are at risk. Research by Road Safety Authority reveals motorists are four times more likely to be in a collision when using a mobile phone while driving. Texting or messaging while driving is on the decline, but it is still happening.

We ask that pedestrians and all road users be alert for trams. It takes time for a tram to stop. The use of emergency brakes is not pleasant for anyone on board a tram. Please think of the injuries you could sustain as a pedestrian or the damage you could do to your car as a motorist. Even minor damages cost. Replacing phones costs.

For more information about staying safe around trams as a pedestrian, motorist or cyclist please visit https://luas.ie/safety/ 

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