Luas was awarded the 2018 Green Transport Award

Luas and Sustainability

As a sustainable public transport option, Luas is addressing one of the most pressing environmental concerns worldwide, 'the growing impact of transport on the environment.’ Countries around the world still rely heavily on cars as the primary transport mode, and with this comes a reliance on diminishing fossil fuels and other natural resources.

Luas is evidence that this movement towards more sustainable transport modes is happening in Dublin. The light rail system represents less air pollution, less noise and less vibration from road traffic.

TII and Transdev believe that protecting the environment and contributing to sustainable economic and social development is an essential part of Luas and its future in the city.

In 2010, Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) established the Environmental Impact Steering Group (EISG) which includes senior management and a multi-disciplinary representation from TII and Transdev. The EISG is responsible for the development and implementation of sustainability initiatives for Luas, the performance of which is tracked through the LUAS Sustainability Plan which has been in place since 2011. The targets set out in the plan ensure that Transdev and TII are continually working to reduce waste generation, energy consumption, CO2 emissions and also working to improve overall sustainability performance. Transdev have incorporated the Plan’s targets into their Environmental Policy and other elements of the externally accredited Environmental Management System (EMS).

In 2016, the following was achieved against base levels of 2010 with trends in in 2017 showing similar: 

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