Update – Information for TaxSaver Customers

20 August '20
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Updated Fri 27th Nov

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, many TaxSaver ticket holders have been unable to avail of Luas and other public transport services due to travel restrictions imposed by the Government to slow the spread of COVID-19. Due to this, the National Transport Authorityannounced that customers whose Annual TaxSaver tickets were valid on 1st April 2020, will have their tickets automatically extended for a period of six months.

This decision effectively gives customers back the portion of the ticket they were unable to use. The process for collecting the additional credit does not require the customer to fill in forms or supply any details. The six month free extension will be automatically loaded onto the existing card.

Customers who hold an Annual Luas TaxSaver ticket can collect their six-month free extension by holding their Leap Card to a Luas Validator to Touch On for a journey. Once successfully Touched On, the new extension ticket will automatically load onto the LeapCard.*

Any customer whose Annual TaxSaver ticket expires, and who has not already requested a refund, will automatically be provided with a new ticket on their existing Leap Card. This extends the validity for six months from the date of expiry of their original ticket

Customers who have renewed their annual TaxSaver ticket since 1st Apr will also benefit from the measures announced.

Where the customer wishes to receive a refund rather than a replacement ticket, it is still open to them to make such a request via their employer under existing terms and conditions.

*TaxSaver credit is being rolled out to Luas Annual TaxSaver Tickets on an ongoing basis from Mon 24th Aug 2020. If you attempt to Touch On on and the credit is not available please email taxsavers@luas.ie for assistance.

See the updated Free TaxSaver Extension Customer FAQ’s for more information. 

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