Trams Running to Broombridge - Please Stay Safe

04 December '17
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The extension of the Luas Green Line through the city centre to Broombridge started passenger operations at on Sat 9th Dec. 

Luas services are now operating in the City Centre and on north to Broombridge. The Luas track in the City Centre and north as far as Constitution Hill will be busy and Pedestrians, Cyclists and Motorists are more like to see trams on the new tracks. 

Luas Drivers drive professionally and watch out for everyone. Luas would like to remind Pedestrians, Cyclists and Motorists to watch out for Luas trams especially on street, at stop signs and at junctions.

Luas Drivers will:

  • Always wait for a proceed signal (our Luas Green Light)
  • Always drive within the set tram speed limits
  • Always drive professionally watching out for Pedestrians, Cyclists and Motorists
  • Always be trained in safe driving practices

 We would ask Pedestrians to:

 We would ask Cyclists to:

  • Watch and listen out for trams when sharing roadways with trams and when crossing Luas tracks at junctions
  • Cycle across tracks at an angle and cycle between tracks to avoid getting stuck
  • Wait for a green light and yield or stop at junctions before cycling across the Luas tracks
  • Read more about Cycling safety around Luas

We would ask Motorists to:

  • Watch and listen out for trams when sharing roadways with trams and when crossing Luas tracks at junctions
  • Wait for a green light, stop at stop signs and yield at yield signs before driving across the Luas tracks
  • Always allow traffic in front of your vehicle to clear the yellow box before entering to keep the tramway and / or yellow junction box clear
  • Read more about safety around Luas   

A safety message brought to you by Luas and the National Transport Authority. Please stay safe!

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