Travel Safe with Luas

04 October '19
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Our number one priority while you travel with us is your safety.

Our staff are trained to be vigilant at all times in order to ensure that you have a safe and comfortable journey. While we do our best to keep you safe, did you know small behaviours such as not holding on to the poles or rushing to get on to a tram while the doors are closing - which many of us are guilty of - could be putting your safety at risk?

There are small steps you can take to help ensure a safe journey for all:

  1. Keep hands, bags, straps, scarves and all other objects clear of the doors at all times. Small objects can become trapped in the doors when the doors close, which can cause delays.
  2. Hold on to the hand straps and poles provided. Leaning against a pole is not safe in the event of a sudden stop.
  3. Never try to get on or off a tram while the doors are closing. An orange light flashes and a warning tone sounds when the doors are about to close. The tram is unable to move if the doors are obstructed however, you may injure yourself if the doors close on you.
  4. Stand well back from the platform edge at all times – particularly when trams are arriving at the stop. Ensure backpacks, bags, and other objects are also kept clear of the edge of the platform to ensure you do not come into contact with a tram.

We remind Luas customers that we are all responsible for safety – we must play our part to ensure we keep ourselves and our fellow passengers safe. Be sure to keep these steps in mind and travel safe next time you take a journey with Luas. 

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