Step 1 – Get your kit sorted

Dust off your bike and spruce it up making sure the tires are ok and that the chain is oiled. Consider getting it checked out with a local bike shop. If you don’t have a bike get some tips online about how to pick a bike, check out if your eligible for the Bike to Work scheme and talk to a bike shop. Make sure you have comfortable clothing and safety gear; helmet, lights / reflectors and high visibility clothing.

Step 2 – Go for a cruise

Hop on your bike with your friends or family. Check and see that your bike is working ok and that your helmet, clothing and safety clothing fit comfortably. See how fit you are, cycling should be no more strenuous than walking; if it’s difficult take it easy for the first while. Trial you route; is it safe and how long does it take.

Step 3 – Do your research

Do your online research and talk to people. Check out the routes or Find out the nearest Luas bike parking to you. Talk to people in your area that cycle and get their tips. Talk to people in work and ask HR about facilities for storing your helmet and waterproofs.

Step 4 – Take it easy

Before doing it every day do a trial run at the weekend. Time your journey so you give yourself plenty of time. For the first while give yourself a bit of extra time to cycler slower and get your bearings. Consider starting slow, C+R one day a week first.

Step 5 – Become a C+R Expert

Enjoy your new routine and congratulate yourself on turning a boring commute into your daily exercise routine, a money saving trick and your bit to save the planet. Then send us an email with all your trips and tricks so we can pass them on.

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