Getting on & Getting off the tram: 2 simple rules

  1. When boarding the tram, please wait for people to get off Luas first and then get on: it will be easier and you will have more room.
  2. Please wait until the tram has left the tram stop before crossing the tracks. Cross at the designated crossing points and always look both ways for approaching trams. Mobile phones and headphones can distract you.


At Stops: Please use the bins provided at each Stop for your litter.

On board: Respect other passengers

  1. There are seats reserved for the elderly, pregnant women and passengers with special needs. Please ensure they are available for them.
  2. Please try not to disturb the other passengers. Keeping the volume down on headphones. If you are talking on the phone please speak quietly.


On-board: behave properly

  1. Please do not put your feet on the seats and behave properly onboard trams and at Stops at all times. Luas staff will ask any passenger causing a disturbance to leave Luas property.
  2. Please do not eat, drink and smoke including e-cigarettes onboard the tram.
  3. No animals are allowed on board with the exception of guide dogs.
  4. If you are on a busy Luas with a backpack, make sure you remove it from your back so you do not whack somebody with it when you turn around or back up.If you score a seat, think of others and place the bag on the floor or on your lap.


Luas Bye-Laws regulate the travel and the use of Luas. It is an offence to contravene any of the Bye-Laws. Should you wish to consult them, please click here or call Luas Customer Service 0818 300 604.


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