Luas & Cycling

Luas encourages the integrated use of bicycles and trams in Dublin. Integrated bicycle and tram journeys are a convenient, fast and sustainable way to travel around Dublin. They also have added benefits for your health and well-being.

Combine cycling and Luas by cycling to a Luas stop, locking your bicycle to a bicycle rack and hopping on a tram to complete your journey.

Luas Bike Parking

There are bicycle parking facilities at most Luas Stops with more than 380 bicycle parking spaces along the Luas Lines.

You can park your bike at the following stops:

Green Line

Harcourt:20 racksKilmacud:10 racks
Charlemont:31 racksStillorgan:15 racks
Ranelagh:16 racksSandyford:37 racks
Beechwood:10 racksGlencairn:12 racks
Cowper:13 racksThe Gallops:5 racks
Milltown:5 racksLeopardstown Valley:10 racks
Windy Arbour:34 racksBallyogan Wood:5 racks
Dundrum:10 bike lockers & 21 racksCarrickmines:7 racks
Info on Dundrum C+R:Click hereBrides Glen2 racks
Balally:6 racks--

Red Line

Connolly:8 racksKingswood:8 racks
Jervis:3 racksCookstown:4 racks
Smithfield:7 racksTallaght:2 racks
Heuston:4 racksFettercairn:10 racks
Fatima:14 racksCheeverstown:10 racks
Suir Road:5 racksCitywest Campus:5 racks
Goldenbridge:5 racksFortunestown:12 racks
Bluebell:4 racksSaggart:13 racks

To avoid causing issues for other Luas passengers, especially those with disabilities, please only use the dedicated bike racks provided.

There are also 10 bicycle lockers located at Dundrum Cycle & Ride Facility on the Luas Green Line. For information about renting a Bike Locker click here.

Carriage of Folded Bicycles

Folded bicycles, in their protective carry case or bag, are carried free of charge on Luas trams.

Cyclists should adhere to the following restrictions and guidelines in relation to carriage of folded bicycles;

In the event of service disruption or maintenance works affecting Luas services folding bicycles are usually accepted on Luas operated replacement bus services if fully folded, in case or bag and stowed as luggage, subject to space being available.

Carriage of Bicycles

Luas does not permit the carriage of bicycles on trams. There are two reasons:

  1. The first is that bicycles, other than the folded variety, take up a lot of space. Trams can get very busy and space is at a premium. We have a lot of people travelling with pushchairs and mobility impaired users in wheelchairs so most of the time we simply do not have enough room to allow bicycles as well. People often ask why we don't allow bicycles “off-peak” times. This is because Luas can be busy at any time. We carry lots of people late in the evenings when there are events and concerts on in the city. We also get very busy on weekends when there are big sporting events.
  2. The other reason is that it is not safe. There is nowhere on board the tram to stow a bicycle securely. In the event of a sudden stop or indeed taking off from a stop, a bicycle could fall on passengers. The reason we don't install places to secure bicycles on board is again one of space as to do so would take up valuable space for our passengers.

Dublin Bikes & Hiring Bikes in Dublin

There are Dublin Bikes stands located close to a number of city centre Luas Stops. Visit for more information.

There are also a number of independent bicycle companies offering bicycle hire close to Luas Stops. Information is readily available on the internet.


Safe Cycling Around Luas

Luas shares space with cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists throughout the Luas network. There are many safety measures in place to protect cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists as well as Luas trams, drivers, and passengers. Also Luas drivers are trained to ensure the safety of cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists as much as possible.

Cyclists share space with Luas trams so check out how to Cycle Safely Around Luas for key information on how cyclists can stay safe when sharing space with Luas trams.

More Luas Cycle & Ride Information

If you have any questions please contact Luas Customer Service by calling 0818 300 604 or by email for further details.

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