We work 24/7 to keep the Luas network running

Running the Luas network for Dublin’s commuters is a team effort. The day-to-day operations and maintenance we carry out to keep Dublin moving involves dedicated teams across the city, working collaboratively and ensuring we maintain the best possible service for the commuters who rely on the Luas, every day.


What is maintenance?

Maintenance work is essential to the operation of the Luas system and ensures we deliver a safe, reliable tram service to our customers. Our maintenance employees support our operations and project teams by making sure every part of our infrastructure – such as signals and power supplies, or assets such as track and platforms – is maintained and in good working order.

Routine maintenance work such as cleaning of infrastructure, washing of platforms and the track, waste management, inspections of the power supply system and light repairs takes place across the system each day and night of the year.

Planned heavy maintenance such as rail replacement, tamping, grinding and tree cutting takes place mainly at night as they require having no trams running.

Emergency works such as rail repair or overhead cable repair takes place as soon as possible to maintain service continuity. This may happen during the night or day.

We understand maintenance work will have an impact on you and your neighbours and for noisy planned maintenance work we distribute a 'Notice of Luas Track Works' flyer directly to nearby residents in advance and/or post details of the works on the Luas website. For emergency works, it may not be possible to distribute a notice before undertaking the work.

At all times we appreciate your patience and understanding.


Planned Works Calendar


See details of areas affected by planned Luas rail works, including the date and time they start and finish, and the type of works being carried out.

Saggart – FettercairnTue 20th Jul – Sat 24th Jul23:00 – 06:30Maintenance Works
James - Heuston Mon 26th Jul Tue 27th Jul23:00 – 06:30Maintenance Works
Saggart – FettercairnMon 26th Jul – Sat 31st Jul23:00 – 06:30Maintenance Works
Heuston - The Point / ConnollySat 31st Jul Sun 1st Aug23:00 – 06:30Essential Engineering Works. Click here for further info.
Museum - The Point / ConnollySun 1st Aug – Tue 3rd Aug23:00 – 06:30Essential Engineering Works. Click here for further info.
Cheeverstown - FettercairnMon 2nd Aug - Tue 3rd Aug23:00 – 06:30Maintenance Works
Red Cow – HospitalMon 2nd Aug – Sat 7th Aug23:00 – 06:30Maintenance Works
Connolly - Mayor SquareMon 9th Aug Tue 10th Aug23:00 – 06:30Maintenance Works
James - HuestonMon 9th Aug - Wed 11th Aug23:00 – 06:30Maintenance Works
Mayor Square - The PointTue 10th Aug Thu 12th Aug23:00 – 06:30Maintenance Works
Mayor Square - ConnollyThu 12th Aug Fri 13th Aug23:00 – 06:30Maintenance Works
Kylemore - BluebellFri 13th Aug Sat 14th Aug23:00 – 06:30Maintenance Works
Suir Road - RialtoMon 16th Aug Tue 17th Aug23:00 – 06:30Maintenance Works
Heuston - MuseumTue 17th Aug Wed 18th Aug23:00 – 06:30Maintenance Works
Museum - SmithfieldWed 18th Aug Thu 19th Aug23:00 – 06:30Maintenance Works
Four Courts - JervisThu 19th Aug Fri 20th Aug23:00 – 06:30Maintenance Works
Jervis - O'Connell GPOFri 20th Aug Sat 21st Aug23:00 – 06:30Maintenance Works
Busáras - Abbey StreetMon 23rd Aug Tue 24th Aug23:00 – 06:30Maintenance Works
O'Connell GPO - JervisTue 24th Aug Wed 25th Aug23:00 – 06:30Maintenance Works
Jervis - Four CourtsWed 25th Aug Thu 26th Aug23:00 – 06:30Maintenance Works
Smithfield - MuseumThu 26th Aug Fri 27th Aug23:00 – 06:30Maintenance Works
Heuston - JamesFri 27th Aug Sat 28th Aug23:00 – 06:30Maintenance Works
Kylemore - Red CowSun 1st Sep Tue 3rd Sep23:00 – 06:30Maintenance Works
Fatima - JamesTue 3rd Aug Wed 4th Sep23:00 – 06:30Maintenance Works


Cleaning of Luas Stops is on-going and is not included in the above information.

For queries about planned Luas works contact Luas Customer Service on 1850 300 604.

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