Student Tickets


Student Travelcard

If you are currently studying in Ireland, you can avail of a Student Travel Card and travel on Luas with discounted fares especially for students.

Apply for a Student Travel Card


Zones Red & Green Line  Red & Green Line
1 zone €11.70 €44.00
2 zones €13.20 €50.90
3 zones €16.00 €59.50
4 zones €17.10 €65.50
5-8 zones €18.50 €72.50

How to apply for a Student TravelCard?

In order to apply for a Student Travel Card, you need to be enrolled in a full time eligible education course in secondary school or College. Should you wish to apply for a Student Travel Card please click  http://www.studentleapcard.ie/

What advantages?

Student Travel Card is offering exclusive discounts of up to 40% on Irish Rail, DART, Dublin Bus and Luas. As well as those advantages, you can get over 200 discounts nationwide on production of the card in-store as well as online using your unique card number.

If you require further information about the Student Travelcard, please visit the dedicated website: http://www.studentleapcard.ie/